Episode 12 - Dr. Guy Fagherazzi (LIH) - CoLive Voice

November 29, 2021 Hanna Siemaszko Season 2 Episode 12
Episode 12 - Dr. Guy Fagherazzi (LIH) - CoLive Voice
Show Notes

Here it is finally - episode 12 which is also the first episode of our new season. This season will be a bit different as together with latest developments in science in Luxembourg we are going to talk to some of its representatives, the amazing researchers!

In this episode we sat down with Dr. Guy Fagherazzi, the Director of the Department of Population Health at Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) who told us more about the fascinating project CoLive Voice, his research and Webinars about precision health organised by LIH. Remember to check both out CoLive Voice and the Webinars - participation is highly recommended!


Luxembourg Institute of Health


LIH Precision Pubic Health Webinars

Shazam Your Health - article by Dr. Guy Fagherazzi about CoLive Voice